Texas Antlers, Inc., is a trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting company, located in the heart of the Texas Whitetail Golden Triangle. We are a family-owned and operated business situated 25 miles west of Del Rio, Texas along Lake Amistad and the Rio Grande River. Texas Antlers offers the opportunity to take trophy whitetail buck deer from a managed deer herd, confined within a game proofed pasture. The management project, begun in 1993 and opened to hunting in 1999, has been incredibly successful in producing classic trophy deer with huge antlers.

Texas Antlers, Inc. combines individually guided hunting in the rugged Southwest Texas brush country with absolutely first-class accommodations and meals in a beautiful, new lodge. This managed hunting operation was featured on ESPN and ESPN2 in the fall of 1999 and cited as among the best buck deer filmed for the program.

All the information you need to learn about Texas Antlers, Inc. is here -location, transportation options, lodge accommodations, expedition packages, hunting license requirements and more! Browse through our web site to discover how you can have a true Texas Hunting Adventure, and call us at (1-888-814-7782) for package prices and schedule availability.


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